Agricultural bank of China (fujian branch) awarded three starr company AA believe years in enterprise2002

Beginning in quanzhou tax official awarded "the prevalence of tax enterprise"2004

Jinjiang technology bureau awarded "science and technology plan projects unit"2006

ChenDaiZhen communist party committee awarded "" chan" outstanding enterprise"2006

"EVA recycling utilization projects was named" 2006 year jinjiang first technical project"2006

Beginning for quanzhou "best harmonious enterprise" honor 2008

The beginning of the state administration of taxation and quanzhou quanzhou local taxation bureau year tax credit level A taxpayer "title2008

Was named China plastics processing industry association, vice President of units association as the China plastic industry, "advanced unit", named "China EVA recycle industrialization development base"2009

"EVA recycling utilization projects was named" in 2009 the first group of provincial capital projects circular economy, "won the" in fujian province, the first batch of circular economy demonstration unit "and" national EVA production base "title2009

Won the Chinese plastic processing industry association issued "the enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise" 2010

Federation of trade unions of jinjiang city "by the advanced zhigongzhijia" title2010

"Peace jinjiang and ChenDai first" to construct a harmonious enterprise series activities "enthusiastic support unit" 2010

Won the third China (shenzhen) international industry exposition "best products innovation"2010

The government--jinjiang won a "2010 year China of best care staff brand enterprise" theme activities of the "best care staff enterprise" award2011

Gain from the city newspaper reported the joint purchase the sponsor "ten best shoes material innovation enterprise hercynian elected actions" of the "best environmental protection and energy saving award"2011